Welcome and an introduction to oldgamer

Welcome to oldgamer.co.uk! My name is Dorian and I run this new site. Yes, that’s me sat in a Space Harrier machine in the vintage photo above. I’m in my mid-forties and currently own a PS4, an OG Xbox One and a gaming PC. I live in the North West of the United Kingdom, and make a living as a front end web developer.

If you’re a gamer who finds their play time tailing off because of other commitments, or even just fatigue or boredom, this is the site for you. As well as covering what is going wrong with gaming, my aim is to broaden my horizons beyond gaming, and perhaps yours at the same time. I’m something of a serial hobbyist, who tends to try lots of different things out to varying degrees, rather than diving deep into a single subject. That should keep the articles coming for you guys and gals!

There will definitely be articles on gaming (old and new), but I’m keen on culture and technology in a broader sense, including retro tech. It can be fascinating to look back at the stories behind old tech. A younger version of me dismissed anything old as clearly inferior and not worth my time, but now that we live in an era where we can no longer fly supersonic from London to New York, and we haven’t set foot on the moon in nearly 50 years, it seems there’s a bit more of a story to tell.

My first personal site was blitterandtwisted.com, which covered technology, gaming, culture and politics. While the site had its highlights – an interview with a mobile game developer, and a post that appeared to influence a bigger publication, it’s been close to death for years. A hosting environment problem decimated the traffic and SEO ranking, and after that it was hard to stay motivated to write for an audience of almost nobody.

This site is a fresh start with a new domain, look and feel (coming soon!), and a few tech improvements like HTTPS and a mobile-friendly design. Initially, it’s going to be me publishing articles. I’d very much appreciate comments and constructive feedback, but once the site had a clear identity and audience, my hope is that guest writers will want to get involved as well.