Seiko SPB147 review, via various other dive watches

Seiko got a lot of attention when it launched it’s “62MAS re-interpretation” range back in 2020. It was exactly what their loyal fan base had been asking for – a watch that wears well on most wrists and accurately invokes the spirit of Japan’s first ever dive watch – the legendary 6217-8000 from 1965. After years of mashups that were either too large, or had the wrong hand designs, this was the holy grail. But, all of the press coverage revolved around the grey-dialled SPB143. The brown-dialled 147, the blue-dialled 149, and the one everyone forgets (the 145) barely got any focus. They were mentioned as sister watches to the 143 when the range launched, and then quickly forgotten.

I’ve nearly bought the halo model SPB143 so many times it’s getting ridiculous, and telling the story will hopefully accomplish two things. Firstly, it will help me work through my questionable choices! Secondly, the story can end with an SPB147 review.

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